When does the sequel series to “Becoming a Hero” start?

“Awesome Girl” will be released as a complete novella sometime in 2014 – whenever it’s ready.


How long will “Awesome Girl” be?

Unknown at this time. Both “Becoming a Hero” and “Awesome Girl” are a rewritten version of stories that I wrote in my early-to-mid-twenties. Of the twelve stories that originally made up “Becoming a Hero”, ten made the final cut, and even those were edited to remove the crap and dated references. Of the “Awesome Girl” era, there are twenty-six complete stories, but they include dated references, outdated technology, and an incredible amount of filler and repetition. I’m slowly hacking it down and rewriting. I’m hoping it’ll be around 20,000 words in the end – roughly the same length as “Becoming a Hero”.


How many stories will there be in “Blackjack Jill”?



What’s with the delay in the next “Destined” story?

“Destined” is a heavily-rewritten version of a lengthy series that I’d previously written. The delay with story #04 is due to my having to select useable material, ditch the crap, and write new material to fill it out. I’m working on it.


How many stories will be in “Destined”?

Unknown at this time. As I mentioned above, the original series is very lengthy. However, I wrote it when I was in my late teens to early twenties, and, as I look through it, a lot of it turns out to be unusable crap. I’m guessing about eight-ten stories in total will make the final cut.


How many stories will be in “Vampire Killer”?

Probably ten.


When will “Vanity City” start? What will it be about?

“Vanity City” will start sometime in 2014. It’s a cyberpunk series, set in the year 2050, and will follow special forces police officer Shannon Wheeler as she fights both high-tech and low-tech crime in a sprawling metropolis. This series will likely be novella-length, so expect the stories to come out much less frequently but to be longer than typical for me.


Are any of your series connected?

All of my current series are set in their own universes and do not cross over with each other. However, see the next question.


Do you have any other stories or series in development?

I am currently developing a shared universe that will contain most of (but not all of) my stories going forward (excluding the series mentioned above). The stories will share a common theme and will take place mostly in the same city. However, the lead character(s) might not be the same from story to story. It will depend on what I want to focus on. Stories might take place in the present or delve into the past. Think of this as more of a shared universe/mythos than a sequential series. In additional, I might include clones of characters from my above-mentioned series in this new universe. Stories featuring these characters would not be canon for the above-mentioned series, but the above-mentioned series would be quasi-canon for the new universe.


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